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Top Questions:

  • What's the difference between Bronze and Gold Packages?

The Gold Package event page does NOT show advertisements and it has an added audio/music upload feature.

  • Can I upload multiple images?

Yes. additional Images can be added in the Event Description field.

  • Can I add a paypal button or ticketleap payment form?

Yes. The Event Description field allows for source code insertion allowing for button codes.

  • How long is my page active?

Your event page is active until the day after your event date.

  • How do I view all my attendees?

Mutiple ways. There are auto notifications emailed to you when guests RSVP to your event. You can export a spread sheet that is automatically updated. You may view a list of attendees in alphabetical order using the Guest Arrivals.

  • If I close my R.S.V.P. form, can It be reopened.

Yes. You have admin control to open and close your RSVP form

  • Can I change my event date or event link?

No. Once your event date is set, that page and event URL link will delete 24 hours after event has ended. If a new date or URL link is needed, a new page will need to be purchased.


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